Is your dog's fearful or "aggressive" behavior stressing you out?

Peace of Mind Begins With One Step

Head Behavior Guy

I've been working with dogs and dog behavior since 2002. I have a Masters in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied dog behavior as part of Dr. Sam Gosling’s Animal Personality Research Lab.

The DeBono Dog Center is my behavior recovery and training facility located in South Austin, where I offer intensive programs specifically designed to help you overcome your dog's fearful or "aggressive" behavior (my specialty and what I'm best at!).

Aggressive behavior is a response to a situation that causes an inner emotion - most often a feeling of fear, threat, or insecurity. My goal is to carefully expose dogs to these situations in a way they find fun, building their confidence and reducing the fears and associated aggressive behavior.

I don't use shock collars, prong collars, or any other tool intended to suppress behavior by inflicting pain or fear because they cause more harm than good. Self-proclaimed trainers defaulting to those tools are charlatans that don't have a clue about behavior.

I'm not interested in offering you band-aid solutions or making you pay for a bunch of services that skirt around the issue. Behavior is complicated and fluid - this isn't like fixing a car or a computer - I can't always predict exact outcomes. But what I can promise is that we are always going to work with you to directly and comprehensively overcome the problems you are having, so that you can finally achieve Peace of Mind. 

Thanks for checking out our website, and we look forward to working with you and your family!

Steve DeBono

The Peace of Mind Program consists of Three Steps:

Initial Consult

The first step to Peace of Mind is to bring your dog in for an Initial Consult. During this 30 minute session, we will discuss the problems you are having in-depth, and develop a plan to overcome them.

Treatment Phase

The next step is to sign your dog up for an Evaluation Day for a Treatment Program. An Evaluation Day is a full day integration into our facility, during which we more thoroughly assess your dog to confirm that our program is a good fit for your needs and goals. During the Treatment Phase, dogs stay with us for an extended Boarding period. In some cases, Daycare might be also be an option. Depending on your situation, we may also want to schedule an In-Home visit, so that we can understand your situation more precisely.


After the Treatment Phase, the final step is to help you implement a program to ensure lasting success and long-term Peace of Mind.



Winston's Dad, Corey:

When we adopted Winston, he was extremely fearful of most things, including us. After working with Steve (and Rebekah), he has made an amazing transformation. Now he loves going for walks and getting treats and affection. His confidence grows every day. Winston loves playing with the other dogs at Howl 'n Woof, which is where Steve holds the day school and group classes. We also had in-home, private lessons that were very helpful. Highly recommended!!! Thanks, Steve!


Carlos' Mom, Jennifer:

First yelp review ever, but it is because I truly feel Steve should be raved upon. He helped and continues to help our family with our sweet dog Carlos. Steve was able to teach Carlos a certain protocol for meeting new friends( which he has a hard time with). It has been a game changer to have a solution for what felt like such a difficult problem for us and poor Carlos. Steve really cares and understands the most difficult of situations and finds solutions for them! If you feel stuck with your pet, go see him!


Daisy's Mom, Wendy:

Steve worked with us when we first adopted Daisy. He was hugely helpful in assisting us to build trust, and in building her confidence!

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